Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Introductory Letter to All Staff & Faculty

Good Afternoon, Esteemed Colleagues,

As you may be aware, we are interested in looking at all our options to PCR. PCR is a brand of what’s commonly referred to as a Student Information System, or SIS. In our ongoing efforts to ensure that we are using the most appropriate and best tools available for The Harker School, we are embarking on a process that will first look at our needs. As such, I’d like to provide you with our plan for evaluating and exploring all our SIS options.

Here are a couple norms I’d like to set-up at the onset:

  • First, seek to understand. While no single system will ever solve all our woes, we will absolutely make a best-faith effort to ensure that all voices are heard and respected.
  • Transparency is king. I will be ensuring that you are given as much transparency into the process and choices as possible.
    • As such, there is a blog located at: This blog will not be sent to you on a regular basis (so as to avoid email onslaught), but it will be regularly updated to track the progress for your review and reference.
  • The process of reviewing and potentially transitioning SISs is largely agreed upon as the single most complex process to undertake.
  • Most of all, if you have a question, concern or suggestion, PLEASE reach out.

When: Mid-October - December
What: SIS Focused Feedback Sessions will be held on all campuses, for all interested parties
Why: SIS Sessions are focused so that we can discreetly hear from different groups who use the SIS in different ways. The results of these feedback sessions will be made available to the rest of The Harker School Staff and Faculty; again, in the interest of transparency and so that we all can see the priorities of each group.
How: A schedule of sessions will be forthcoming in the next two weeks. Debrief notes will be shared via the blog if you cannot make any of the meetings.
Intended Outcome(s):
  1. to educate and inform everyone on what exactly an SIS is and its intended use using some common language
  2. to create a wish-list of characteristics or criteria for an ideal SIS at The Harker School

You will receive another email from me in the coming weeks with a schedule of times and dates for you to participate in one of these SIS Focused Feedback Sessions.

Additionally, you will hear from me again in mid-December as to our progress in these meetings and potential next steps.

I appreciate everyone’s participation and positive energy around ensuring that we are providing and offering the very best!


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