Monday, September 25, 2017

Office of Communications & Schedulers

Today, as part of the SIS Focused Feedback Sessions to investigate our needs here at The Harker School, I met with the Office of Communications and the Schedulers as two distinct user groups. Take a look at their awesome feedback and questions!

As will be with all the meetings, we reviewed this slidedeck

Then, we discussed how each of these groups use our current SIS to develop the criteria by which we'll review our SIS options. This spreadsheet will be made available by request and ultimately made widely accessible across The Harker School staff and faculty. 

In short, here are the highlights:

The Office of Communications:

  • In some ways, ideas may pop up after seeing others' suggestions
  • Finalsite interoperability is a wish
  • Ease of searching anything (i.e., teachers' schedules, students' schedules, etc.) would be nice
  • Is the base code updated or outdated? Can templates easily be customized?
  • API and culture of openness - how open are they with their collaboration interests?
  • What kind of UX (user experience) and QA (quality assurance) teams do they have?
  • Parents may be interested in being able to see their child's past grades


  • What is the customer service team on staff and how responsive are they?
  • What professional development materials are available and what kinds of PD will be available to users?
  • What is the communication protocol (i.e., how are updates communicated?)
  • What currently exists in terms of stock or template reports and can reports be created by users, or must they run through the company?
  • What is the ability to toggle on and off views for different user groups (students, parents, teachers)? Are those capabilities able to be discreet between divisions, or must settings be configured Harker-wide?
  • How do they handle special schedules? Can those schedules be easily built within the SIS?
  • When students change schedules, how does the SIS handle transporting the grades to the new teacher/class?
  • What kind of access is there to view (or change) previous grades, and for whom?

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