Friday, January 12, 2018

January Update - SIS Success Team Information

This month, in addition to holding introductory meetings with potential Student Information Systems, I am also scheduling time to meet with the user groups again to report back on these introductory meetings.

When we meet again, I will be asking for interest in participation in the SIS Success Team. What is the SIS Success Team, you ask? 

This will be an amazing group of people who selflessly give of their time for the good of the whole. 

Please think now about if you might be the right fit for the SIS Success Team. 

The person should:

  • Be available for monthly meetings
  • Be genuinely interested in schoolwide systems
  • Be a regular user of the SIS
  • Have attended at least one user group meeting (either in the Fall or in the early Spring)
  • Have a sense of humor

It is expected that this person will:

  • Regularly attend monthly meetings, scheduled as conveniently as possible
  • Report back to other users of a similar role
  • Provide perspective, use cases and feedback through the choosing of, and implementation of a (potentially) new SIS
  • Collaboratively make a final decision about our next SIS

Reach out to Liz Brumbaugh if you are interested in helping this worthy cause!

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