Friday, December 15, 2017

December Update Emailed to All Harker

Good Afternoon and Happy Holidays!

Back in September, I sent everyone a message letting you know that we would be evaluating and considering our current use of our Student Information System (SIS), which is currently PCR, and I would be soliciting feedback from various user groups.

Now that the first phase of this process (having Focused Feedback meetings) is complete, we’ll move to the next phase, which is the preliminary meetings with different SISs. This next phase will take place in the January and February months and by March, I will be having meeting with the user groups again to do two things:

  1. Report back on the criteria and information from SISs, and
  2. Solicit interest to participate on a longer-term SIS Success Team
    1. This SIS Success Team will meet on a regular basis
    2. We will meet with 2-3 of the final SIS representatives to get a longer demo, and
    3. We will be making a decision about which SIS is a best fit for Harker
                                                              i.      That decision will likely be made by late Spring

I deeply appreciate everyone’s feedback, emails, and support during this process. I’m hopeful about the future and excited to help all of us find a system that is as good as we can get.

If you were unable to, or chose not to participate in the Focused Feedback Sessions, and still want to provide some feedback, I have two requests of you:

  1. PLEASE review our blog, these slides (which are embedded within the blog), and this spreadsheet of criteria (which is embedded in the slides)
    1. Note: The criteria spreadsheet is also listed within the blog, so if you prefer to read the criteria using the blog format, don’t do double-work and skip the spreadsheet
  2. If you have any feedback that is not already listed ANYWHERE on the blog or spreadsheet, please send me an email ASAP with that feedback

If you DID participate in a Focused Feedback Session, I have one request:

  1. Please read the blog and refresh your memory and see what other user groups have expressed as wishes and wonders

As always, please reach out with any questions along the way.

Happy Holidays!

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