Monday, May 20, 2019

SIS Update ~ May 17, 2019

This has been an exciting time for the SIS Transition! Here are the most recent updates:

Administrative Meeting Updates:

The following handout was provided in the most recent Administrative Team Meeting, which provides a clear outline of our summer timeline and trainings:

  • What is the timeline for Migration #3 and Training?
    • June 10
      • Administrative Assistant’s Training on Infinite Campus Introduction, Campus Community and Schoology
    • July 1
      • The Parent Portal tile will be disabled with an “Under Construction” blurb
      • Parents will be given information about the changes from Jesse and the Office of Communications
      • Teachers and Staff will still be able to access and email through Teacher Connect and PCR Campus Portal
    • July 17
      • Data Review with Jesse, Preeti, Liz and others, as they are available
    • July 22 - 26
      • Train the Trainers - training with Colleen Hannigan, from Infinite Campus, on-site - invitations for these sessions have gone out
    • July 29
      • With complete training, Admissions and Schedulers can now fully check all data and make changes in infinite campus - this is also when any parent changes to census info could be updated
    • July 30-31
      • LID Team prepares new trainings materials
    • July 30-August 2
      • Buffer room for fixes, adjustments, data clean-up
    • August 5
      • Official “Go Live” for Parents, Teachers and Faculty
    • August 5-6
      • Faculty optional trainings for those who don’t want to wait until returning teacher’s week (11 signed up so far)

Student Information
Ad Hoc
8 hours
1.   Overview of Student Module and Community Account set up (2 hours)
2.   New student enrollments, creating households, census modifications
3.   Census Workshop
Grading Setup Review
Course/Section Scheduling
Student Scheduling
Ad Hoc
1.   Course/Section review, Grade Calc, Grading Tasks
2.   Walk-In Scheduler, Roster Setup, Student Gap Scheduler, Roster Copy, Reports
Transcript/Report Cards
Ad Hoc
8 hours
1.   Classroom Monitor, Daily Attendance, Attendance Wizard, Messenger/Scheduler, Letters (2 hours)
2.   Behavior Management, Behavior Referral (2 hours)
3.   Input & Modify Transcript Entries (2 hours)
Teacher Coach - Lower
Teacher Coach - Secondary
1.   Campus Instruction Module
2.   Campus Learning Modules taught based on tool rights
Messenger w/Voice Setup
Messenger w/Voice End User
Placeholder for Miscellaneous    Training
1. Messenger w/Voice Setup-2 hours
2. Messenger w/Voice End User-2 hours


  • Campus Community Trainings
    • ~50 people trained - Faculty & Staff
    • 6 opportunities offered
  • Schoology Trainings
    • MS and US, created based on blending information from Schoology Survey and Known Needs
    • US ~12 people at 8 sessions
    • MS ~15 people at 7 sessions
  • All training materials housed on website, emailed last week

  • Why can’t we learn everything now?
    • We have been providing Campus Community training. This is largely theoretical and includes self-paced information and is not specific to our needs.
    • Best practices in teaching and learning (especially with technology) is that people learn and retain information best if they’re working with the actual interface they will be using. Teaching anything now would lead to:
      • Forgotten understandings
      • Inaccurate understandings
      • Frustration
      • Blaming the system
  • Why can’t we train sooner than July?
    • The longer we wait, the more time we have to ensure the data is as updated and as clean as possible
  • Why can’t we wait until August to train?
    • This was a major concern from our previous migration - that training took place too late


Additionally, we reviewed the data from the second migration on May 15, and we're now continuing to review discrepancies and recognizing if the discrepancies are expected or not. Of course, if they are not expected, the Infinite Campus Team and our own Implementation Team looks into why that might be and works to rectify it for the next data rollover.


Finally, the SIS Success Team met to ensure we were communicating a consistent message and that we all had the same, accurate information. The following slides were used for this meeting.

For future blog posts / email updates, you can expect to hear again at the following times:

July 19
August 2
August 30
September 20
December 13
May 15

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