Monday, July 29, 2019

SIS Update - July 29, 2019

It's been a couple months since we've provided an update and I hope that hasn't made you too misty-eyed.

Rest assured, here's the beginning to your updates moving forward with our SIS integration.

Here are some dates to remind you and updates on what's been happening.

July 1 - Parents and students could no longer login to PCR through their Parent and Student Portals. They were reminded by Office of Communications to update their information and given an alternate means to update their address over the summer.

July 1-16 - The final data migration from PCR to Infinite Campus occurred.

July 22-26 - A series of trainings occurred for people who were tasked with ensuring the data was accurate. They received their login credentials and learned how to navigate to their parts of the system and edit, add and delete as needed, while comparing the data to PCR. The Departments represented at these trainings were:

  • Admissions for census, people and household
  • Schedulers for scheduling purposes
  • Division Heads, Attendance, Admin Support and Deans for behavior, attendance, report cards and transcripts
  • LID Team for instructional support
  • Nurses for health information and potential
  • Office of Communications for messaging and parent portal
Needless to say, there was a lot of information covered in a short five days, but we rallied and are making it work in true Harker fashion!

July 29 - Admissions and Schedulers met to digest the previous week's information, ask new questions and create personal plans to complete the information needed in time for...

August 5 - The Parent Portal will have an updated tile that will direct parents to update their information, as needed.

Additionally, Staff and Faculty will receive information about how to login to your new Student Information System (SIS), along with a couple tutorials that will apply to everyone.

August 5-6 - Some Faculty are choosing to come in for a few hours to work with their LID Director, explore and learn Infinite Campus. This RSVP form went out in the Spring, but you can still sign-up!

As always, feel free to email me (Liz Brumbaugh) or Jesse Lara if you have any questions moving forward. Thank you for your continued patience, flexibility and humor.

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