Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I had the opportunity to meet with the Advancement Team today to learn about how they use the Student Information System, and to discover their needs that they may have in the kind of data reports that they might need to pull from a potential system.

As with each of these sessions, I presented them with this slidedeck

And here was their wish list and particular items of note:
  • Ability to see log records - who made what changes to demographics and when - currently, they are hand-checking these records as they compare to old records
  • Nomenclature consistency - can names in a new SIS align with other programs we have?
  • Stock reports and custom reports - how to create and ease with which they are created
  • Overall user-friendliness of the system
  • Email formatting capabilities
  • Parent use - can households or parents be categorized easily as alumni, teachers, etc.?
  • Parent use - currently, parents receive multiples of the same email if they have multiple students - can this be streamlined?
  • Data integrity
  • PD and training available
  • Can photos of parents or families be included?

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