Thursday, October 12, 2017

Administrative Support & Assistants

I had the opportunity to meet with the Administrative Support Staff and Assistants over the last week to learn about how they use the Student Information System, and to discover their needs that they may have in the kind of data reports that they might need to pull from a potential system.

As with each of these sessions, I presented them with this slidedeck
And here was their wish list and particular items of note:
  • How easy is the ability to search by household or parent?
  • Stock Reports - what's there and what can be customized by whom?
  • Editing transcripts - how are they created, formatted and edited? Must they be the same across all schools? 
  • Access to past discipline and past grades - how easy is that?
  • Tracking of attendance and detentions served - Tracking and notifying (admin) of tardy (every 3 = detention) and missed class (7 = warning; 10 = credit review) limits
  • Latency rates
  • UX Team; what kind of knowledge base exists?
  • Multiple group emailing - are there easy to access contact groups?
  • Emailing functions - how can we confirm who we're sending emails to?
  • Interoperability - open API

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