Thursday, October 12, 2017


I had the opportunity to meet with the BEST Team today to learn about how they use the Student Information System and needs that they may have in the kind of data reports that they might need to pull from a potential system.

As with each of these sessions, I presented them with this slidedeck

And here was their wish list and particular items of note:

  • Latency rates - how quickly do pages load?
  • How many steps does it tae to pull simple reports (looking at student schedules, teacher schedules, discipline records, attendance records, etc.)
  • Are there varying roles for individuals that may not have an Active Directory account?
  • Are there attendance notifications for parents (as it pertains to after-school activities)?
  • Can after-school teachers view school-day attendance?
  • Does an SIS integrate with SchoolPass?
  • How do parents register their children into activities? Can registration open dates and times be pre-scheduled? Right now, they cannot. Can confirmations be sent to parents? What about waitlisting? When a parent gets to the top of a waitlist, are the notified? How? Can we set limits on how long they have to register before it goes to the next parent on the waitlist?
  • Integration of billing - what does that look like?
  • Is priority registration or pre-loading available for classes where particular students must have access to a class?
  • How are yearlong versus quarter classes set up?
  • When deletions are made - is the user prompted?
  • User-friendliness for all users (teachers and parents)

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