Thursday, October 5, 2017


I had the opportunity to meet with the Deans today to learn about how they use the Student Information System and needs that they may have in the kind of data reports that they might need to pull from a potential system.

As with each of these sessions, I presented them with this slidedeck

And here was their wish list and particular items of note:

  • Latency rates - how quickly do pages load?
  • How many steps does it tae to pull simple reports (looking at student schedules, teacher schedules, discipline records, attendance records, etc.)
  • Viewing multiple years at a glance - in terms of grades, schedules and discipline?
  • How can we assign codes to discipline types for easy data tracking? Right now, Deans can only view descriptors and those aren't associated with codes.
  • Emailing features - it would be nice to choose multiple users when emailing (i.e., select or all teachers of a particular student)

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